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wRIGHT LUMBER & MILLWORK, INC. was founded in 1988 By Ron and Bonnie Enter. Ron and Bonnie both had worked for over twenty years for a competitor in Buffalo. Ron was the manager, and Bonnie did the Bookkeeping. They started out in a location about a mile west of Buffalo, MN.


In 1993 they had the opportunity to purchase a competitor (HEWesterman Lumber) in Buffalo at the intersection of Hwy 55 & 25 in Buffalo. After merging the two companies Ron and Bonnie continued to grow the business. In the year 2000 their son Scott came into the company. In late 2000 wRight Lumber went through a major remodel and
addition. wRight Lumber has had as many as twenty eight employees serving the retail lumber industry throughout the state of Minnesota

We pride ourselves on giving the best service in the industry. Our staff will help you with any size project. We offer design services, estimating, contracting, lumber, windows, decks, siding, doors and trim, cabinets, and landscape products. We want to offer our customers a one stop shopping experience. Let us handle and take the stress out of your project. Once your
project is completed we don’t just go away. We will always be available to handle any warranty issues that may arise. We want our customers to feel like family and be there when you need us.

wRight Lumber is a fully licensed Building Contractor we will either help you find the right contractor or we offer it installed through us. People tend to like the one stop shopping experience and can feel confident that we will be there down the road.

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